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GH2 GH-Series Gimbal Head Arca-Swiss with Full Balance Controls

  • Manufacturer Number: GH2

Extreme Tilt Angles, Arca-Swiss Quick-Release Clamp, Lengthening guard rail and safety stop nail, Vertical and Lateral Camera Positioning

  • Description

    Benro has developed a series of Gimbal heads which are ideal for bird/sport photographers. When shooting sports or birds, the operation of the head is notably smoother and better than other heads. It’s made of high quality aluminium and its arm provides a comfortable grip.It allows you to rotate your lens around its center of gravity and thus easily manipulate very large lenses. Even when you loosen the ballhead, the lens is still balanced.  The quick locking system ensures secure setups. Its comfort and stability make the GH2 Head a necessity for dynamic sport and bird photographers.


    Tilt Adjustment

    Extreme tilt angles can be achieved effortlessly for simple balanced shooting with or without utilizing the oversized locking knob.

    Quick-Release Clamp

    Compatible with universal Arca-Swiss QR System, the newly designed safety lock ensures great security for your gears.

    Lengthen guard rail and safety stop nail

    This feature is useful for adjusting the camera's centre of gravity. The Safety Stop Nail prevents the gears from falling off by accident.

    Vertical and Lateral Camera Postioning

    Provides optimum camera/lens placement for the most precise system balancing.

    International Standard Screw Nut

    3/8 International standard screw connector ensure a wide range of compatible with other brands.

    Pan adjustment

    Full Horizontal angle adjustment with lock for smooth and precise 360 degree camera placement.

  • Specifications


    Detailed Specifications
    Base Diameter Φ56mm
    Weight 1.44kg
    Max Load 23kg
    LxBxH 242 x 89 x 241mm
    Quick Release Plate PL100
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