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V-Mount Battery Adapter for the LG-D1200

  • Manufacturer Number: 407092

Easily mounted on a stand for added convenience, the LEDGO V-Mount battery adapter provides proper voltage to power the LG-D1200 Fresnel.

  • Description

    V-Mount Battery Adapter for LG-D1200 Fresnel

    Easily mounted on a stand for added convenience, LEDGO V-Mount battery adapters provide proper voltage to power the LG-D600 Fresnel and the LG-D1200 Fresnel.

    This V-mount battery adapter with 4 pin xlr connection cable includes a step up transformer, converting your V-mount 14.4 Volt battery power to 24 Volts and allowing you to easily power portable 24volt lights. It also includes a stand mount so that you can quickly clip mount your V-mount battery low on the light or C stand, improving the overall center of gravity while powering the LG D1200 Fresnel light (or other 3rd party lights that use 24V 4pin xlr) with any standard 14.4Volt  V-mount battery. Ideal for in the field or studio operation with no AC cables or extension cords to trip over. Operation times will vary dependent on the Wh of battery and fixture you are using.

    Key Features:

    • Built-in transformer that boosts 14.4V to 24V to power the LG-D1200
    • Has a mount so it can be used on a stand
    • 4-pin XLR connector
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