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2 x LG-600SC LED Lights 5600K with 2x Mantis Light Stands, Stand Bag and Hard Case

  • Manufacturer Number:

600 Daylight Dimmable LED Location / Studio Light. Kit includes 2x fixtures, stands, hard case for lights and carry bag for stands.

  • Description

    LG-600SC Daylight Dimmable LED Location / Studio Light

    To fit Lighting Stands LG-280 / LG-186 - Spigot mount size 16mm | 5/8"

    Key Features:

    • Built-in barn doors
    • Tungsten, magenta & 2x diffusion filters included
    • 0 - 100% Dimmable
    • CRI Rating: >90

    Mantis Air Cushion Light Stand

    • Medium - 3 m

    This aluminum light stand, with sure-twist section locks, features Air Cushioning, which gently lowers gear, even when the section locks have not been properly tightened, preventing damage to light fixtures.

    LEDGO Hard Case

    Designed for 600 Series (Two Lights)
    This case is designed to carry two 600-series LEDGO video light along with filters and power supply.

    Mantis Padded Stand Bag

    Can hold up to 4 Large stands: Includes YKK Zippers & Shoulder Strap, L=46" W=8"

    A bag is a bag is a bag, that is until you check out the Mantis Padded Stand bag. It’s a bag that stands out. The Mantis Padded bag is a bag built to accommodate 4 large stands. With its built-in shoulder strap, it makes it easy to haul heavy gear around. And thanks to its quality construction, featuring rugged YKK zippers, the Mantis bag is built to last.


    What's Included:

    2x LG-600SC LED Light Fixtures (5600K)
    Power Supply
    4x Filters (3200K, Magenta, 2x Diffuser)
    2x Mantis Air Cushion Light Stands (3 m)
    LEDGO Hard Case
    Mantis Padded Stand Bag

  • Specifications


    Dimmer Control 0%-100% 
    Battery plate V-Mount
    Dimensions 340 x 78 x 380 mm 
    Lightweight 1915 g 
    Power Source 12-16.8V DC 
    Power 36W 
    CRI Rating >85 (with magenta filter >90) 
    Illumination (LM) 3210 lm 
    Illumination (LUX) 1m: 5220 | 2m: 1660 | 3m: 670 
    Barn doors Built-in
    Filters included Tungsten, magenta & 2 x diffusion
    Lighting Stands To fit Lighting Stands LG-280 / LG-186 - Spigot mount size 16mm | 5/8"

    Air Cushion Light Stand (3.0m)

    Max. Height 118"  
    Max. Load 12 lbs 
    Collapsed Length 35"
    Net Weight 3.3 lbs

    Mantis Padded Stand Bag

    Dimensions (LxW) 117 x 20 cm (46 x 8")


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