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Ultimate 4 Versatile Fixture Bundle with 2x 1K1 + 1x 4K2 LED Sets

  • Manufacturer Number:

  • Description

    6 Tile Double Bright VersaTile Kit

    Flexible VersaTile LED tiles can easily be configured independently for use anywhere or quickly set in place via velcro tabs into the provided Versatile Kit frames. They all have high quality CRI>95 light output, are fully dimmable, water resistant, lightweight and portable for easy travel, and can run off AC or optional V lock style batteries.

    LEDGO VersaTiles are available in 3 LED tile types, tailored to the kind of light output you require; the Classic Bi-Colour type, the Double Bright Bi-Colour type, or the RGB/Bi-Colour with effects type.

    Key Features:

    • Flexible Double Bright LED Tile System
    • 0-100% Flicker-Free Dimming
    • >95 CRI (Ra)
    • 4815-5068LM Illumination
    • 3200K - 5600K Colour Temperature
    • 59W Power
    • WiFi Ready control with optional hand remote or WiFi Control box & App

    Multiple Kit Variations

    3 Light Kit

    2x 1K1 Single Tiles
    2x 2K1 Dual Tiles as 4K1 Quad

    4 Light Kit

    2x 1K1 Single Tiles
    2x 2K1 Dual Tiles (Rectangle)

    4 Light Kit

    2x 1K1 Single Tiles
    2x 2K1 Dual Tiles (Square)

    4 Light Kit

    2x 1K1 Single Tiles
    1x 2K1 Dual Tiles (Square)
    1x 2K1 Dual Tiles (Rectangle)

    Bend it, Shape it, Any Way You Want it.

    The LEDGO VersaTile is like no other lighting unit. It’s completely flexible. You construct it yourself using a completely detachable frame, so you can assemble it in the shape that suits your shot. No wonder they call it the VersaTile. You can bend it, roll it, wrap it,  and because the VersaTile is waterproof, it’s great for rainy days. Each light fixture has its own controller to adjust individual brightness and colour temperature settings

    All the great features of the original VersaTile LG-V582K1. Each panel has twice as many LED’s meaning the Light Output (brightness) and power draw is doubled. Ideal for use on larger sets and/or for higher frame rate shooting. The new design includes a carrying bag which allows the fixture to be carried fully assembled. Without needing to take the frame apart for travel, you can simply pull it out & plug it in.

    Bendable & Flexible

    Compress the LED lamps for virtually limitless do-it-yourself lighting experiences, redefining what it is to be a portable light.

    Bi-Colour Brightness

    3200K - 5600K LED lamps set together in a Cross Matrix arrangement. Perfect light made even better!

    VersaTile Features:

    • Light-as-feather LED TIle
    • Can be optionally controlled through WiFi
    • Bi-Colour variable to match any job
    • >95 CRI for non compromising light quality
    • TLCI>95
    • V-Mount battery operable
    • Connect into soft large tiles for beautiful soft lighting wrap
    • Everything can be carried, including travel stands (optional) in one small included soft case

    Power Versatility

    Each VersaTile Double Bright kit includes controller(s), AC adapter sled(s) and either single or dual tile power adapter(s). VersaTile RGB kits include VM232 controller(s) with dimmer and CCT/HSI knobs, with additional ADDR, CCT/HSI, RGB cycle & flash controls.

    The V-mount controller for the VersaTile Double Bright features colour & dimmer control knobs and a digital LCD display. The V-mount AC adapter sled, which attaches to the controller, can hold either the 1.5A (single tile) or the 2A (dual tile) power adapter. The controller also has a V-mount, compatible with the optional LG-V35, to clamp the controller to a stand, for increased stability.

    Controller (Back)

    Controller (Front)

    Controller (Hanging)

    & Sled

    & Sled
    & Single Tile Power Adapter (1K)

    & Sled

    & Dual Tile Power Adapter (2K)

    2K Frame Yoke Clamp

    2K 2.0 kits include a bracket for mounting the XF Frame to a light stand, with an additional V-mount attachment, so you can attach the controller and power adapter directly onto the back of the light panel.

    New easily configurable V 2.0 XF eXpanding Frame

    Compact for storage, the V 2.0  lightweight metal XF eXpanding Frame stretches to accommodate either dual square or dual rectangular Versatile panels.

    Newly designed heavy duty swivel mount and frame yoke clamp

    Achieve any mounting angle you want, with the included yoke clamp (upright & 90°) and swivel mount (360° rotation).

    New black edged diffusion controls light spill while providing a professional look, fit and finish.

    Backing and diffusion are included for the frame. Velcro attachment for quick set-up and tear-down, compatible with upcoming accessories.*

    * Barn doors & Grid for XF eXpanding Frame
    * Frame connectors - Allow multiple frames to be connected to create large softboxes and light walls
    * WiFi Box with 5-pin DMX interface to control 3rd party lights with app

    Additional Features:

    • Waterproof

      The best choice for rainy day shooting.

    • High Quality Diffusing Cloth

      The high quality diffuser design provides a soft beam of light that does not wrinkle when folded.

    • Velcro Design

      Easily attach the provided square and rectangular frames anywhere, and in any layout.

    • Bi-Colour & Dimmer Knob Design

      The dimmer and imbedded 3200K & 5600K LED bulbs can each be controlled in conjunction to provide whatever your lighting needs.

    • Pro Digital Display

      A professional digital display screen on the control box provides 0-100% brightness display for clear visibility at a glance.

    • Optional Sony V-Mount

      V-Mount Plate enables the use of 2 Sony style l series batteries (not included).
      Sony V-mount Battery Adapter.


    • Optional Power Input

      External 24V power input 4Pin XLR compatable with the LEDGO 4V-Mount Battery Pack.

    Adjust your LEDGO lights remotely!

    All LEDGO lights can be controlled with the optional LG- A30 Wireless Transfer Device or WiFi Control Box in combination with the LEDGO App. These fixtures can be controlled either individually or in groups (simultaneously). You can also use the optional 2.4G WiFi Hand Remote Control.

    • Download the free iOS app here

    • Android app coming soon

    Wirelessly control brightness, colour and colour temperature.

    According to varying lighting scenes, set and save different lighting scenes, and easily return to the needed application scene when required.

    * This software is for the smart phone APP application platform.


    What's Included:

    6x VersaTile Double Bright LED Light Panels
    4x Tile Frames (2x Classic Single Tile V2 Black, 2x V 2.0 XF eXpanding)
    7x Tile Diffusers (2x Single, 2x Dual Square, 2x Dual Rectangular, 1x Quad)
    7x Tile Backings (2x Single, 2x Dual Square, 2x Dual Rectangular, 1x Quad) 
    4x Controllers
    4x AC Power Adapters (2x 1.5A Single Tile, 2x 2.0A Dual Tile)
    4x AC Power Cords
    4x AC Adapter V-Mount Sleds
    2x Frame Yoke Clamps
    2x Heavy Duty Swivel Mounts
    4x Soft Carrying Bags (2x Single, 2x Dual)
  • Specifications

    LG-V116C 1K1

    Power 59W
    Colour Temperature 3200 – 5600K
    Illumination (LM) 5600K/5068LM
    Illumination (Lux) 5600K:1675 LUX@1M;
    3200K:1685 LUX@1M
    Dimensions 600 x 350 x 20mm (23.6 x 13.8 x 0.8")
    Tiles x1
    Backing & Diffusion Rectangular

    LG-V116C 2K1

    Power 115W
    Colour Temperature 3200 – 5600K
    Illumination (LM) 5600K/10137LM
    Illumination (Lux) 5600K:3350 LUX@1M;
    3200K:3370 LUX@1M
    Dimensions 600 x 600 x 20mm
    1120 x 350 x 20mm
    Tiles x2
    Backing & Diffusion Dual Square & Rectangular
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