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Altatube 80C LED Studio Tube Light, 80W, RGBW with DMX

  • Manufacturer Number: AltaTube80C

  • Description

    AltaTube 80C
    80W Multi-functional RGB Tube Light

    Create custom lighting effects or simply use as a standard light source.

    Key Features:

    • High Power: 80W
    • CRI 98+ & TLCI 95+
    • Ultra Bright and Ultra Soft 
    • 2700K-7500K: colour temperature range
    • RGB and RGBW saturation control
    • Seven customizable lighting effects
    • Presets that can be saved for later use
    • DMX Compatibility 
    • 0%-100% Dimming
    • 10x built-in colour filter paper

    LEDGO AltaTube series is high-end, high-power, multi-function RGB LED tube light with DMX and WiFi APP control. Featuring wide-range colour temperature control from 2700K to 7500K, it creates a powerful soft light with a very high TLCI rating of 95+ and Ra98+. RGB controls allow you to achieve nearly any hue or saturation. With the most common lighting effects built-in, AltaTube meets the demands of creative production shooting, with customizable lighting effects and presets that can be saved for later use.

    There are three AltaTube sizes available to choose from
    Which can also be combined into different shapes and configurations.

    Lighting A Chroma Key with AltaTube

    This fixture is versatile.

    Not only can it be used as a fill light outside of the frame, but it can also be used as a creative lighting prop in the scene.

    Linear Lighting Source

    Meeting the demand for long light strip areas; AltaTube's compact size and high brightness makes it easy to carry and convenient to hide in small spaces.

    Multiple Controls

    DMX, WiFi APP, 2.4G remote and dimmer.

    Free Upgradeable Firmware

    The LEDGO AltaTube series controller has free upgradeable firmware, accessible from a PC using the a USB-A port.

    Built-In Lighting Effects

    There are seven popular lighting effects built into AltaTube, which are multi customizable, including Storm, Cop Car, Candle Light, Hard Disco, Soft Disco, Monitor, Multi Flash.


    What's Included:

    AltaTube 80C LED Studio Tube Light
    Power Adapter
  • Specifications

    AltaTube 80C

    Light Type Studio
    CRI (Ra) >98
    Illumination (LUX) 2700K:
    985lux/92fc @ 1m (3.3')
    134lux/12 @ 3m (9.9')

    1145lux/106fc @ 1m (3.3')
    116lux/11fc @ 3m (9.9')
    Brightness Control WiFi, 2.4G, DMX and Dimmer
    Colour Temperature 2700K - 7500K
    CRI (Ra) >98
    Dimensions 63.58 x 881mm (2.5 x 34.7")
    Weight Approx. 1.55 kg (3.4 lbs)
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