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EH-0001 Dual Handle for Crane Plus/Crane/Crane-M Extended Handle CRANE-

  • Manufacturer Number: B000055

The dual handle is a tailor made tool by Wise Cloud, which allows for the Crane to move even more intuitively.

  • Description

    Control your Zhiyun-Tech Crane with both hands

    The Zhiyun-Tech Dual Handle for Crane/Crane-M provides better body balance and helps to reduce load stress when operating with a single arm. The dual handle is compatible with the Crane and Crane-M, offering various new filming styles and angles that make your shooting process intuitive and effortless.

    Key Features:

    • Toolless design for quick attachment
    • Anti-slip handle
    • Provides additional mounting points for supporting gear
    • Made from aerospace lightweight aluminum alloy

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