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ZW-B03 Motion Sensor Remote Control with Follow Focus For Crane 2

  • Manufacturer Number: C000013E/ZW-B03

  • Description

    High-Precision Control

    Equipped with high-precision follow focus rotary knob,the remote control can sense slight angle variances and present the experience like rotating the camera lensitself. White Making Ring adapts luminous materials,giving you precision follow focus at night. You can also use markers to mark the positions of rotary knob for various shooting needs.

    Smooth and Sensitive Control

    The remote control can be installed easily anywhere anytime. No matter being used separately or installed on dual grip or extension rod,the remote control can give you smooth and sensitive control over your stabilizer.

    Long-lasting Battery

    The built-in 900mAh Li-battery supports a max.runtime of 25 hours.The remore control can easily handle intense and long-hour shooting without missing any good moments.

    OLED Display Screen

    The Intuitive OLED Screen presents a clear display of the gimbal mode,battery level,Bluetoothstatus,and other design,you can adjust camera and stabilizer parameters and realize one-hand operation without need to connect to any phone app, simplifying your shooting significantly.

    Bluetooth Connection

    The Motion Sensor Remote Control with Follow Focus adapts 2.4GHz Transmission technology and can generate stable signal. It can remotely control all kinds of stabilizer operations in real time with transmission range of up to 10m. Together with TransMount Mini Dual Grip and extension rod,they serve as perfect compansions for photographers.

  • Specifications


    Charging voltage 5V
    Charging Current 1500mA
    Battery Runtime 25h
    Built-in Li-battery Capacity 900mAh
    Effective Bluetooth control Distance

    10m (33')
    * Without blockage.The controllable distance may reduce or increase due to various environments.

    Charging Time 1.5h
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